In the wake of outcomes of the first Global Halal Congress where distinguished foreign delegates from 17 different countries underscored numerous opportunities for Pakistani exporters in the global Halal market, HDC has initiated the Halal Products & Services Association of Pakistan (HAP)

HAP is an Association representing Pakistani Manufacturers, Exporters, Traders & Service providers (trade & service sector) in Halal sectors. The main objective of its formation is to protect the interests & rights of its members, to provide supporting services & information, to advocate for better export environment by removal of policy constraints and to obtain maximum encouragement & facilities from Government for the Halal Products & Services trade, through effective interaction with relevant authorities and institutions in public & private sectors.

HAP’s mission is to make Halal business & industry a multi billion dollar export sector in Pakistan. HAP will facilitate Pakistani companies enter the global Halal market by providing platforms to develop Halal Awareness, Halal Compliance, Halal Branding, Halal Testing & Certification, Export Marketing,, Investment facilitation & Industry development.

We invite your company to become a Founder Member of the Halal Association of Pakistan, the 1st trade association representing the Pakistani Halal products and service providers. There is No joining Fee for the Founder members and all you have to do is to download and fill in the enclosed membership form and send it back to us by fax or by courier to get your HAP membership.

HAP Membership Form (Click here to download the form)

(**) Categories:
** Food, Food Ingredients, Beverages, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Leather or any other Halal product sector.
** Banking & Finance, Takaful, ICT, Tourism, Hospitality (Hotel, Restaurant & Catering), Logistics, Testing & Certification or any other Halal related service.

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