Message From CEO

Halal is a trillion dollar market globally, and the ‘Halal Brand’ is recognized as a symbol of good quality product, so non-Muslims also buy products with Halal logo.

The Halal market/economy includes all types of food and ingredients, all types of beverages, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, herbal, Islamic fashion & leather products, Halal tourism & hospitality, Halal product supply chain including auditing, security & warehousing, Islamic Banking and Insurance and a lot of miscellaneous products

Despite being a Muslim country, Pakistan is not known to the world as a supplier of CERTIFIED Halal products and thus our share in this trillion dollar global Halal business is negligible.

Pakistan’s strength is 100% Halal production base from a Muslim country, with over 170 million consumers in Pakistan and a direct access to a grand total of 470 million consumers Halal consumers in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Middle East.

This has to be propagated to the Halal agenda promoters globally to strategize how to take advantage of Pakistan’s strength for the development of Halal trade in Pakistan, OIC countries and the world.

A group of scholars, technocrats, jurists, diplomats and entrepreneurs got together and registered Halal Development Council (HDC) as an NGO to work on the development of Halal economy in Pakistan.

HDC organized the first Global Halal Congress in December of the last year in Karachi in which more than 26 international delegates participated from 17 different countries and highlighted numerous untapped opportunities for Pakistani exporters as well as urged Pakistan companies to make the best of our 100% Halal production base.

Following the outcomes of the Halal Congress and response from Government, exporters and International Halal agenda promoters, HDC has taken another initiative in the form of Halal Products & Services Association of Pakistan (HAP); an association representing manufacturers, exporters, traders & service providers in Halal sector.

We are committed to bridge the gap between trillion dollar global Halal market and Pakistan and we will continue exploring avenues for the development of Halal economy in Pakistan.

Asad Sajjad

Secretary General/CEO

Halal Development Council

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