1. Create awareness in exporters regarding the “Power of Halal” brand.

2. Conduct Halal Compliance Training Workshops for Pakistani companies     as per International Halal Standards.

3. Organize Halal Branding Workshops to educate exporters regarding     Halal branding,packaging and presentation techniques to add value to     their exports.

4. Facilitate Pakistani exporters in Halal Testing & Certification.

5. Facilitate international buyers to source genuine ‘Halal’ goods and     services from Pakistan.

6. Provide an Export Marketing platform to Pakistani suppliers of Halal     products & services.

7. Identify Halal sector investment opportunities in Pakistan to bring FDI     and facilitate JVs to create a Halal industry infrastructure.

8. Facilitate government and private sector to set up “Halal Free Zones”.

9. Facilitate development of Halal sciences research & education base in     Pakistan.

10. Promote and facilitate Halal related events and activities.

11. Update Pakistani exporters with latest opportunities in the world      Halal market and inform international Halal buyers about new      developments from Pakistan.

12. Promote Pakistan as the Regional Halal Hub to sell Halal products to      CIS’s, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

13. Promote “Halal Pakistan” brand label in the international market as      the guarantee for “Best Quality & Hygienic” Product.


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