Dr Saber Khan, Director, Ethnic Focus Halal Research – UK

  Dr. Pakorn Preeyakoran, Director, Halal Standard institute of      Central Islamic Council of Thailand

  Ms. Farah Al Zarooni, Director, Emirates Standards & Metrology      Authority (ESMA)

  Prof. Savas Alpay, Director General, SESRIC-OIC, (Statistical,      Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic    Countries)

  Hani Lashin, Group General Manager, Al-Jawhara Hotel

  Zafer Gedikli, Researcher, GIMDES, Turkey

  Layla Mandi, OnePure , Canada

  Hamid K. Lateef, Chairman PSQCA, Standing Committee for      Halal Food Standards

  Joohi Tahir, American Halal Association

  Dr. Jocelyn MEROT, FranceAgriMer (French Ministries of      Agriculture & Economics) Trade Support Unit

  Ahmed Al Basha, Senior Standard Assessment Specialist GCC      Standardization Organization

  Mohammad Jinna, Chairman, SAARC Halal Council

  Dr. Muhammad Zubair Usmani, Member of Shariah Board, State      Bank of Pakistan

  Mr. Romy Buchari, Head of Corporate Advisory, Emirates      Islamic Bank

  Mr. D.M. Qureshi, Former Founder Chairman International      Islamic Financial Market (IIFFM)

  Dr El Hassane HZAINE, Director General of ICDT

  Dr Tony Wigg, Meat & Livestock, Australia

  Dr. Yanis Musdja, Chairman of Indonesian Halal Products      Foundation

  Mr Haluk Dag, Secretary General, Standards and Metrology      Institute for Islamic Countries by SMIIC-OIC

  Mr. Shaukat H. Malik, Direct of Halal Accreditation Solutions

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